Trampoline Park
Trampoline Parks are all the range, you too can provide trampolining products using our amazing gear.  They are one of the two the fastest-growing sectors in the Action Park Industry.


There are two choices:

1. Manufacture in the China and take the risk of quality or

2. Manufacture in the west and pay the price.

We offer an alternative…



We do not just match the best manufacturing standards inthe world – we exceed it. It is common knowledge that the cheap manufacturers use such inferior framing that the walls of the frame have actually been ripped out by the springs.

Our trampoline frames are made from 80mm x 80mm tubes with 4mm walls!


The very essence of a Trampoline Park is the quality of the bounce. Not only do the springs have to be made from the best quality steel – they must be the right length suited to the product.

We have experience and knowledge in our team going back many decades to deliver the very best bounce experience.

Independent research has shown that from a safety perspective the ‘G’ stress delivered on the back and neck during the bounce is less with trampolines that deliver progressive stretching of the springs. The progressive stretching of the springs produce a deeper, softer more controlled bounce. Also spring length and stretch range is a key factor in delivering a safer more controlled bounce.


The trampoline mats also make a difference to the quality of the bounce. We offer both the economically-priced black tarp mats and the woven string mats as used by the professionals.

The choice of mats also affects the quality of the bounce. With the black tarpaulin mats the air has to physically move out from under the trampoline with each bounce whereas with the woven mat the air passes freely through the mat so the body of air under the mat hardly moves at all.

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