Inflatable Parks

Inflatable Parks are awesome fun and incredibly popular. We have a wide range of inflatable products and can design and create your own park.

We have the invented and patented the most exciting inflatable products on the planet!  NO OTHER company is able to provide you with these stunning games!

We invented the ZeroShock airbag – the ‘fingers’ air bag – the softest, safest air bag in the world. This allowed us to develop the most exciting inflatable products on the planet – products that were simply not possible before. NO OTHER company is able to provide you with these stunning games!

The following show the patented products that can be used to either create a unique Inflatable Park or combine these products with your Trampoline Park, or Ninja Warrior park. We can custom design any of the products to fit into your establishment and we can even join some of the rides together to conserve space.

Some of our products include

Sky Slide

The Tallest Inflatable Slide in the world! We invented the concept of flying off the ramp at the end of the slide and now we have gone one step further! You get TWO slides for the price of one and … wait for it… on the one side you hand from a hanging bar … free-fall 3m before hitting the slide surface … and THEN you fly 7m off the ramp at the end before hitting the patented landing bag!

sky slide
water slide inflatable slides

Leaps and Bound

Ever since the success of the Wipe Out television series attempts have been made to duplicate this game. But only the patented ZeroShock air bag could make this possible.

Battle Zone

Throughout history, a jousting beam, in one form or another, has provided wild entertainment and competition for thousands of fans and competitors alike!  Now for the first time ever, you have both the thrill of battling your opponent from great heights with the safety of falling on our patented Zero Shock™ air bag system.

battle zone

Jump and Slide

Jumping into a big marshmallow bag? Or sliding down a steep slide to fly through the air and land in those same marshmallows?

What child would not love this!

jump and slide inflatable slide

Cliff Jump

Calling all daredevils!
Are you brave enough to scale the cliff and jump off the rocky summit? The Cliff Jump is a huge climbing and jumping amusement game designed to look like an imposing gray rock wall cliff.

Cliff Jump

Jungle Gym

Climb, slide, swing and jump! With so many ways to play, the Jungle Gym is the best new interactive multi-player combination unit for maximum fun. It features four exciting challenges and three jump zones cushioned by our air bag technology.

Jungle Gym gym swing

Jungle Swingz

Every kid – young or old – loves monkey bars and these are monkey bars on steroids! It looks extremely difficult when standing on the platform the first time (not to mention the fact that you are looking down from 5.5m (18’) up!) but after the first attempt you discover that it is not as hard as you thought. And if you are an adult you discover muscles you did not know existed!

Jungle Swingz Jungle Swingz


Another world first! You fly down the zip line and there is not a brake in sight! At the end you crash into a vertical air bag – a version of the patented Zero Shock air bag. Or – if you happen to fall down before getting there – no problem because there is an air bag under you all the way. It’s the harness thing again – without the harness the slide is that much more exciting!

zip line zip line

Rope Walk

Just like in the circus! If you’ve ever fancied trying to walk a circus high wire – this is it. Yes – you are looking down from 5.5m (18’) and it is scary! But once you overcome your fear and if you persevere you will find that with a bit of practice (OK – make that quite a bit of practice) you can make it across the 6m (20’) rope to the other platform. And if you fall off along the way (pretty much a guarantee) you land safely in the air bag.

tight rope tight rope

Free Klimb

For the first time ever you can climb a rock wall without a safety harness! There is a HUGE difference between simply scaling a rock wall to see how high you can get or being totally petrified of falling because – well- there is nothing stopping you from falling! The mere fact of not having a safety device invokes the adrenaline-pumping FEAR FACTOR! But of course, you are perfectly safe landing in the patented Zero Shock air bag. There are a number of Free Klimb versions to choose from – anything from a single climbing surface to four climbing surfaces and then you can choose what the climbing surfaces are.